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A selection of projects carried out

Charge management

The Post switches to electric scooters. To ensure that all scooters and DXP can be loaded, a charging system is required. This ensures the battery charge at a lower tariff and monitors the charging process.

At the same time personal safety is guaranteed.

To control charging management of electric scooters at the post office
The Post

Current controller for arc extinction

Multiphase flow controller with 10kHz for controlling IGBTs.
(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT or transistor)

Current regulator for arc extinction multiphase flow controller with 10kHz for the control of IGBTs
ETH Zurich

Controller to predictor FPS
Expansion of predictor FPS
Reference receiver

 FPS controller to command device extension to predictor FPS reference receiver

Oxygen analyzer

Evaluation for different gases. The data can be queried with RS232 and USB. The device can be used to operate and as a standalone solution.

MBE AG  Measurement Engineering